Welcome to my website!

I am an artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I graduated from Utah State University with a BFA in Art (drawing and painting) and a BA in English (creative writing). 

My primary painting mediums are acrylic and oil, although I love to experiment with collage and kid's materials (aka markers, crayons, glitters, etc.) My stylistic approach is to mix paints based on what I'm feeling in the moment, then layer as many colors as possible onto the canvas according to value, and not hue. I gather inspiration from people, their faces and figures, their personalities and presence, and especially my relationship to them.

Outside of making art, I love to read and write and travel. I went on a two-week road trip through Iceland and it was a highlight of my existence. I am working on a few paintings that encapsulate the experience.

I am available for commissions - so if you're interested, click the "Say Hello!" tab and send me a message! In addition, if you would like a print of any particular work, let me know and I'll add it to my shop! Thanks everyone. 

One More Thing!

My stuff not quite your style? That's okay! Check out my sister's work! Go to, where you will find even more artwork, commissions, and prints by an incredibly talented artist - Grace Leigh Ryser!